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About us

Every great vision is founded on great values

With our innovative technology, we strive to improve our customers' daily experiences. Since its founding, Esclusiva lives on through our professional team work to provide excellent solutions that benefit well-being, the environment and savings.


We help Italian businesses to save money on various fronts and families through completely green devices for daily use, making it easier in many ways to live a healthy life.


Our mission is directed toward protecting the environment and fighting pollution by trading in next-generation technologies. It has an extremely broad know-how, the result of collaboration with market-leading companies that rely on the most important European certification companies, enabling its lasting leadership.


The new way to sanitize the laundry

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Endless possibilities

"Well done is better than well said" Benjamin Franklin

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us. You will be contacted soon by one of our collaborators in your area.

Lago di Carezza


The health of the planet, it affects everyone

We strongly believe in respecting the environment and developing technologies that enable both companies and individuals to do their part in protecting Planet Earth.


Through saving electricity, we indirectly to contribute to the decrease of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas emissions which are responsible for climate change. In addition, our devices help all families to adopt a Green lifestyle without giving up any conveniences and also protecting our health.

We are ambassadors of the Plastic Free philosophy to combat the exaggerated abuse of disposable and the mismanagement of its end-of-life.  This mismanagement has led lakes, rivers, seas and, in general, the whole environment in which we live to be invaded by plastic waste, with consequences, which we still do not fully know, on the planet's biodiversity and the economy of our territories.

This is a call to reduce plastic consumption, to replace it where viable and more sustainable alternatives exist today, and to implement proper end-of-life management through separate collection, recycling and reuse of the resulting secondary raw material. Europe is leading the way with proposals for directives aimed at regulating the design, manufacture and distribution of plastic products, making a strong case for this sector, too, to turn dramatically toward a circular economy that provides new opportunities for innovation, competitiveness and employment

Italy is one of the European countries that is trying to implement solutions with Plastic Free ordinances that Italian municipalities are adopting following the example of the Tremiti Islands 

Being Plastic Freeit is not easy but every sector can contribute, from individuals, to the private sector, to the public sector.

Ours is a dynamic, inclusive Group with great skills . 
A Group founded  on strong culture of sustainability, attentive to the protection of people,  company, the environment  and the community . 


Via Cascina Venina, 20090 Assago (MI), Italy

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