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Small and powerful brings pure air  everywhere with you.

It fights pollutants by reaching even  the tightest corners.

Now it is possible

Removable and small brings the power of active oxygen everywhere

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Many environments look clean, but hide...


Pollen, dust, allergens, pathogens,   molds, bacteria


It improves the healthiness of the air, influencing our well-being, improving concentration, the state physical and mental state and quality of life.

Tornado is an air purifier that uses proven Active Oxygen technology with different intensity levels to sanitise small enclosed rooms. 

This is possible thanks to its high oxidation-reduction potential, which is capable of oxidising the most organic and biological molecules.

Active oxygen and hygiene

O3 is an antimicrobial agent that exhibits high reactivity, penetrability and spontaneous decomposition into pure oxygen.


These characteristics make it an unparalleled disinfectant. It has the power to inactivate bacteria, moulds, yeasts, parasites and viruses.

Unlike most chemicals used for these purposes, it has no natural resources or conservation methods. It is generated on site through our facilities whenever it is needed.

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