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One plant, several technologies to purify the air you breathe

It transforms the air in your rooms from polluted to pure, mountain-like air to breathe well-being.

It's now possible

Healthy environments H24, even in the presence of people


4 important reasons why you should have it 


Home environments are five times more polluted than outdoor environments.
Particles as small as 3 micrometres enter the home even through tightly closed windows.


Breathable particles reach the bronchi and end up in the bloodstream. Casualties caused by the effects of polluted air are 20 times higher than those caused by traffic accidents. Indoor pollution is responsible for 2.7 per cent of the global burden of disease in the world and 4.6 per cent of deaths between the ages of 0 and 4.


Allergic diseases have increased dramatically in recent decades. These include asthma cases in children, 90% of which are caused by dust mites.


20% of Italian households have problems with dampness in the home, resulting in a 50% increase in the risk of suffering from respiratory disorders and a 13% increase in childhood asthma (WHO 2009)

Its functions

Farmaria One makes the air in your rooms really healthy,  in order to do this, it implements different technologies 

Patented ICR technology

The process, also called PHOTOCATALYTIC, reproduces what occurs in nature, i.e. a photochemical reaction, destroying pollutants, in particular, bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens and odours with a naturally active principle.

The technology of the device is enclosed in a control chamber inside of which is a UV lamp, which generates UVC rays.

The control chamber is coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2), which can

react with ultraviolet radiation, triggering the photocatalysis process.

Just as blood plasma transports red and white blood cells, our plasma transports electrons, ions and impurities. 

In fact, Ion-Plasma is able to electrically charge air particles at room temperature, transforming them into ionised oxygen, which breaks down volatile organic compounds as well as viruses and bacteria.

Corona discharge, the basic principle of ionisation, occurs in the presence of high-intensity electric fields generated by natural phenomena such as thunderstorms or lightning.

Farmaria One is equipped with a powerful tangential fan capable of guaranteeing an hourly recirculation of approximately 400 m3/h. 
It combats bacterial proliferation and does not allow the subsequent proliferation of pathogens, working 24 hours a day even in the presence of subjects.

Data sheet


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