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Raffineria di petrolio

A single solution to purify the air you breathe in all your rooms.

Get rid of of pollutants in food, in the air and on surfaces.

Now it is possible

With a single active oxygen system you deodorise, purify, sanitise, disinfect, preserve


Degrades smells, Inactivates viruses

Eliminates bacteria, fungi and moulds

Precipitates heavy metals and pollutants

Sanitises rooms and surfaces

Active oxygen and hygiene

O3 is an antimicrobial agent that exhibits high reactivity, penetrability and spontaneous decomposition into pure oxygen.

These characteristics make it an unparalleled disinfectant. It has the power to inactivate bacteria, moulds, yeasts, parasites and viruses.

Unlike most chemicals used for these purposes, it has no natural resources or conservation methods. It is generated on site through our facilities whenever it is needed.

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