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Did you know that the same limescale that we see on steel is also the limescale that settles on our skin and hair?

Your water becomes a pleasure

Thonis eliminates limescale and prevents it from reforming over time without coming into direct contact with the water; it is installed outside the pipe. The water is treated with electrostatic pulses generated by the electronic unit. The signal frequencies are transmitted via special cables that are wrapped around the pipe. These cables generate a solenoidal wave frequency field that modifies the crystals in the water circulating in the pipe.


Permanent removal of:

Thonis does not alter the chemical composition water, but change le physical characteristics of the limestone crystals so that limestone particles lose their aggregating capacity and the ability to adhere to surfaces ensuring savings and well-being.

The water is free of limescale
help the environment

By choosing to make your water limescale-free you indirectly make an environmentally friendly choice, as the products work better with fresh water, you will therefore need to use less. Fewer products to buy and dispose of.

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