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Boiler malfunction? 

Early replacement of appliances?

Hard and rough laundry? 

Glasses, taps and kitchen utensils always stained with limescale deposits?

Increased bills and maintenance costs?

Solve everything with the nobler

It is a patented aeriform mixing system, which uses innovative technology to solubilise inert gases in water. This enhances the universal function of water, dissolves existing limescale and prevents the formation of new incrustations.


With the nobler, household appliances work better and longer, you halve the purchase of household detergents and the time spent cleaning; you reduce costs but also your environmental footprint. Faucets, dishes, glasses and crystals are shinier and without haloes. Your laundry, skin and hair softer and naturally softer.

Fight the invisible enemies for your well-being



Microorganisms have developed the ability to aggregate in communities in order to have a better chance of survival in the outside world.

These communities are able to produce a matrix that causes the bacteria to adhere firmly to the surface on which they are deposited and protects them from elements harmful to their survival. 

 Bacteria free to proliferate, protected and firmly anchored to a surface form a thin, viscous film that resists detergents and antibiotics: the biofilm. 


Removing biofilm is not an easy task and being invisible to the human eye becomes

an even more dangerous threat. Thanks to the E'UNICO nobilizer you don't have to worry about it

as the areiform mixture that is fed into the pipes is able to combat it.



Legionella is a genus of bacteria that lives in natural and artificial aquatic environments, from these

environments, Legionellae move up the city's water distribution pipes and reach the water systems of buildings, nestling in reservoirs, pipes and fountains.

up to the water systems of buildings, nestling in reservoirs, pipes and fountains.


Legionella has a high prevalence and resistance in water between 5°C and 55°C.

Humans can contract this bacterium by simply inhaling through the aerosol effect of small water droplets (1 micron

up to 5 microns in size).

Legionella causes

an infection that spreads in the pulmonary system

and manifests itself with a general feeling of malaise,

headache and fever.

Latta rustica


Water flows in pipes that in many cases have not been properly maintained over the years.


Water brings ferrous oxide residues from the pipes, such as rust, to our taps. These substances form deposits inside the pipes over time, greatly reducing the amount and flow rate of water that reaches and then flows out of the taps.

The E'UNICO nobler protects against ferrous oxide residues that may rise with the water coming out of the tap, and thanks to its mixture also acts with a cleaning action in the pipes.

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