The Benefits of

1. It is possible to do away with or reduce by about 95% all the chemicals we currently use;

2. It represents an all-encompassing solution that is non-polluting and against the vast range of highly toxic or polluting chemical detergents;

3. It does not require us to work out the dosage, as everything happens automatically, without the risk of using too much;

4. It is 5 times more e ective than any chemical disinfectant added to the wash;

5. It does not damage fabrics, and keeps your garments as fresh and clean as if they had just been bought;

6. It is e ective at 30°, so provides energy savings;

7. It helps the environment as the use of detergents is reduced and therefore there is no need for PVC containers;

8. It performs an oxidation process, so helps in combating surfactants;

9. It uses a technology that is both antifungal and antibacterial;

10. An internal ionic accelerator transforms limestone, or calcium carbonate, into aragonite.

The difference is that while limestone attaches to the washing machine and fabrics, aragonite remains in suspension and is released with the outflow of the water;

11. It is equipped with three different disinfection processes;

12. It does not damage the washing machine, returning it to its original level of descaling from mould and bad odours;

13. It reduces the risk of household accidents caused by chemical detergent compounds, as they are no longer purchased.

3 degrees of disinfection

Ècomodo is an ecological and innovative solution that disinfects our laundry by working deep down in the fabric in a totally natural way thanks to the three-pronged attack of silver ions, UV rays and activated oxygen. These 3 elements used together perform an even stronger and broader spectrum of disinfection.

Silver Ion Probe

Silver’s power lies in its ability to keep microbes, fungi and bad smells at bay. As a matter of fact, the probe placed inside Ècomodo allows silver ions to be released. These ions interact with the flow of water to produce hydroxyl radicals that further consolidate the disinfectant action. Moreover, thanks to this disinfectant power, clothes left in the machine no longer give off the typical stale and foul-smelling odour.

UV ray Probe

I Ultraviolet rays are one of the most convenient and effective means of disinfecting water. Thanks to the laws of physics, on which the germicidal power of UV rays is based, they act only where needed, without generating harmful by-products. UV-C light is lethal to any micro organism (bacteria, viruses, mould, algae, etc.); for this reason the water passing through a UV-C steriliser is microbiologically stable and poses no danger related to using too much.

Activated Oxygen Generator

Activated oxygen decomposes in water to form a monoatomic oxygen and oxygen that reacts rapidly with organic matter, such as dirt that has become trapped between the fibres of fabrics. It leaves no residues, no toxins, no odour or no flavour. It is extremely effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and spores.